Graeme Scott

Graeme Scott has taught at three TAFE colleges in Melbourne (RMIT, Collingwood, Box Hill, and Wodonga TAFE) over a period of more than 15 years and has taught classes in Radio Theory and Practice to apprentice, technician and evening classes. Graeme has also  conducted classes for the Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club.

Graeme VK2KE is an active ham having been in the hobby since 1957.

Page 58-59 of The Novice Operators Theory Handbook

*The Novice Operators Theory Handbook (Blue cover) equates quite closely with the more recently introduced Standard Licence course the  Study Guide –entitled the Novice Operators Theory Study Program  (Green cover) is a pair of books that effectively constitute a self study package especially for the operator wishing to upgrade from the Foundation licence .

For those wishing to study for the Advanced licence, Graeme has written two more books that will take you from the standard licence level up to the advanced licence.

The one with the red cover (entitled Amateur Radio Study Course) is the theory book for the highest level Australian licence- the advanced.

While the yellow covered book entitled Radio Amateur Licence Study Guide  is  the accompanying book that goes hand in hand with the advanced theory book and serves as a study guide to help the reader gain the knowledge to pass the exams.

These texts have been written by a highly experienced radio operator and registered TAFE teacher- Graeme Scott- VK2KE.

Graeme would like to see as many people get their ham radio licence as possible because he thinks it's one of  the greatest hobbies. His  books are simply written so they are easy to follow.

They cover only the material necessary to pass the licence exams and so you don't have to wade through a vast amount of information to study for your licence!

These books are suitable for club use, class use or personal self study, -especially if you have no access to a radio club or TAFE College course.

*Please note:

As you are probably aware, the Novice Licence has been abolished and the Standard Licence has replaced it. But my 'Novice' book covers most of the Standard course so it is still very useful to anyone wanting to study Amateur Radio and obtain their Standard Licence.

Information on how to study for your Australian Amateur Radio licence.

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